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About Jane MacKenzie ( Jane JIANG, Xiao Shuang )

Jane is a celebrated TV producer, director, editor, writer and host of fashion TV shows in China. She was the first Chinese journalist to introduce fashion designers and international brands to the Chinese public and at the same time introduce Chinese designers to the international fashion industry. She created the first Chinese TV show that featured international fashion trends (Fashion Galaxy). This show was popular across the China. It was broadcast on over 100 national television channels and included over 750 episodes. After that, she successively produced and presented television shows such as "Global Fashion News", "Fashion Infomation", "Fashion 21", "Jane's Times" and many charity auctions.

Jane and her shows have attracted the attention of many Chinese audiences as well as Chinese and foreign media. "She is a fashion ambassador" - commented "Cosmopolitan (Hong Kong)". In addition, she also won the first place in the "First China Fashion Culture Award", she was hailed with the highest honor given to fashion critics in China as well as many awards such as "Beauty Power" - Fashion Communication Award ," Outstanding Contribution to the Times "," Best Fashion Taste Award "," Top 100 Hosts ".

Jane was also the first Chinese journalist to participate in major fashion weeks and various fashion events, she has also been a judge in several designer competitions from Hong Kong to Dublin.

At present, Jane has over two million readers on major auto-media platforms such as “Toutiao”, “WeChat Official Account” and “Sohu”, and has won some awards from “Toutiao”.

It can be seen that her years of immersion in the fashion industry made her very sensitive to color and texture. The use of colors is bold but balanced and harmonious, which blends the aesthetic characteristics of Eastern and Western culture. "(Extract from " Nouvelles d'Europe "of September 5, 2019)

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