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“I don't like the static style. I have tried to captured speed, dynamism and vitality through my artwork, I walk between abstract, classical and modern styles “- Jane MacKenzie

“Her work reflects her extraordinary talent and her constant efforts to experiment with different styles. Most artists tend to keep a steadfast style, but she is bold and imaginative, and her works are like celestial horses that roam freely in the heavens. Jane’s ability to understand color is remarkable, her works have superb composition, elegant artistic design, and eclectic style. They capture every splendid moment of life with that unique sensibility peculiar to women. ”- Nouvelles d'Europe

“Jane has established her own style by combining the different styles of Eastern and Western cultures. " - Ouest - France

 “Years of experience in fashion have cultivated her sensitivity to the color and texture of clothing, and the clear, pure tones are fully reflected in her works” -
« Modern » Magazine

"This solo exhibition shows the talent and imagination of an artist who will go far in her artistic quest. A Star to watch out for in the future!" -- The Dog's Bollocks

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